Is it Seekable OCI supperted for running batch jobs on managed computerenvironment with type=SPOT (no FARGATE) ?


I have configured a batch service using a cloudformation template. ComputeEnvironment is configured with ComputeResources.type=SPOT. I have also set ComputeResources.Ec2Configuration.ImageType=ECS_AL2023.

May use Seekable OCI for lazy loading of my container (having a size of 3.35 GB when not compressed) ? I have read that this option is available with FARGATE but I am wondering if this option is available for jobs running on EC2.

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Thanks for info. I am looking forward to see OCI being supported also on batch job running on EC2.

answered 3 months ago
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Seekable OCI images (SOCI) are not yet supported for ECS tasks or AWS Batch jobs that run on Amazon EC2 instances. They are only supported on Fargate compute.

answered 4 months ago

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