Where is domain join directory option in the new launch experience?


We have been launching windows instances using the Seamless domain join instructions using our AD Connector for several years. Since being automatically opted-in to the new launch experience, I cannot find the option join a domain no longer appears. I can still get to it by opting-out to the old experience, but that is going to go away at some point.

Am I missing this or did this feature not make it into the new experience?

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Hi Sean,

I also have noticed that the domain join feature is not available on a new EC2 console. However, when you open the info link next to launch an instance it is stated that AWS is working on adding this feature on the new console. Hopefully by the time the old console gets deprecated this feature will be available on the new console.

answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks. I opened that link as a new tab and just got the EC2 dashboard and assumed their documentation was broken too.

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