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/how to gather resource information from an account/

how to gather resource information from an account


hi Guys, I just started at new company and they have multiple aws accounts and I'm still learning AWS. I am trying to create an asset tracking file. I like to know what each accounts has in terms of # of things such as ec2/s3/vpc/subnets/domains/hosted zones/db etc...etc...

I do see that VPC dashboard does show many of the resources but not all. So is something like what I am asking possible?

Thanks in advance

2 Answers

There's not a great, all encompassing way to gather resources account wide, but if you're using AWS Config you can gather all resources region wide. That's AWS's answer to a CMDb. To do that via the AWS Console, just search for AWS Config and select Resources on the left hand side of the Config Console. This assumes that Config is turned on of course. If Config isn't setup, you can dig into the Cost Explorer to see what's billing. Either are good options to start piecing together the resources in your AWS accounts.

answered a month ago
Accepted Answer

One easy way is to use Tag Editor. ("Resource Groups" Management Console -> "Tag Editor")

Try to search with the following conditions. You will get the list of the resources supported tag on the account.

  • Regions : All regions
  • Resource types: All supported resource types

answered a month ago

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