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SES Says email is unverified via Wordpress, but verified in SES Console


I have emails verified in SES Console, but when I try to process an email via SES using the FluentForms Test Email, it works, but doesn’t when I try to actually send using a form or other resend process.

Don’t know where to look at this point.

2 Answers

What I figured out is that the email address you validate through SES is case sensitive. There is an article I found by accident, but all of the other material doesn’t state this and I literally spent hours on this.

So “admin@“ vs “Admin@“ one fails, the other does not.

answered a month ago


What kind of failure behavior are you seeing? Is FluentForms returning an error?

In this case, Amazon SES is going to be the authority on whether the email is verified. As a next step, I would recommend looking for any logs that your FluentForms plugin might be producing. You can also use AWS CloudTrail to track API calls made in your AWS account. If FluentForms is making a call to the AWS API (and it's not getting stuck somewhere in FluentForms' internal logic), you'll see the details in CloudTrail.

Also, if your contact form process is attempting to send an email to an address that isn't equal to one of the emails or domains you've verified in SES, you'll want to make sure your account isn't in sandbox mode.

Sandbox mode only allows you to send emails to verified addresses and domains. If your contact form attempts to send, for example, an email receipt to the submitter, and the submitter's address isn't verified in SES, that API call will fail in sandbox mode.

  • Carter
answered a month ago

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