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In Sagemaker endpoint, pip download fails when connected through VPC


Pip download fails in my instance when sagemaker is connected through VPC. It is successful when VPC is not specified. I have internet gateway configured for my public subnets. I was able to pip download successfully in EC2 with same security groups and subnets. Is this any bug in sagemaker side?

And also, can we log into EC2 instance that sagemaker created? It is more of like a blackbox testing without it.

  • Currently, logging into EC2 instance that SageMaker created in not possible. What endpoint is this? Is it possible to test by creating a SageMaker notebook in that VPC

1 Answer

When specifying a VPC config, ENIs are launched into your VPC which your Endpoint will use to communicate within your VPC. These ENIs have private IPs. In order to communicate with the internet you would need to make use of a NAT. SageMaker Endpoints are managed and it is currently not possible to SSH into the EC2 instance(s) backing your Endpoint.

answered 6 months ago
  • You mean to create a NAT gateway for all the subnets associated with the model with Elastic IPs allocated right?

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