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Elastic IP address not attached to a running instance per hour (prorated)


Hi, I am a student and I used AWS for my assignment. My assignment is completed and I receive a bill charging for Elastic Compute Cloud. I cannot delete the instance and to stop bills to accumulate. Can I have your expert advice on how to solve this problem? I don't want to be charged forever.

Thank you very much.

3 Answers

The subject of this post indicates you may be getting charged for an Elastic IP.

If this is the case, please note that if you have provisioned an Elastic IP, and it is no longer attached to a RUNNING EC2 instance, you will be charged for this.

Please look at your EC2 console for under 'Elastic IPs' to see if there is an allocated Elastic IP there that is NOT associated with an EC2 instance. You should release this (under Actions dropdown menu) to stop being charged for this resource.

Please refer to this support post for further information:

answered 9 months ago
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reviewed 9 months ago

Dear Daniel,

I do not have any elastic IP. Is there any way to paste the screen print here?

answered 9 months ago
  • If you could please provide more details as to why you can't stop the EC2 instance will be great, to have a better understanding. If there is no way to paste the screen print here, add it to an S3 bucket and make it public and share the link of it for us to see it.


Hi there, Is there any reason why you can't stop the EC2 Instance? Any message? Is it stuck in "Stopping" state?

answered 9 months ago

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