SES verified identities error.


When i try to use AWS SES with my WordPress Blog (, i get this error message: "the following identities failed to check […] ”. Only when i add " " to the "Email Address Identities" and i verify it, i can use AWS SES.
I specify that my account had got the “Production Access” enabled in the Europe (Frankfurt) region with the domain “”, which i don’t use anymore.
Anyone can help?

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Dear Amazon Customer,

The error that you are getting - "Email address is not verified. The following identities failed the check in region region: identity1, identity2, identity3" means that you are trying to send email from an email address or domain that you have not verified with Amazon SES.

If you are sending from a region that is still in the Amazon SES sandbox (other than the Europe (Frankfurt) region where you have Production Access), you also must verify every recipient email address.

Amazon SES has endpoints in multiple AWS Regions, and email address/domain verification status and Production Access status is separate for each AWS Region. You must complete the verification process for each sender in the AWS Region(s) you want to use.

Please refer this for more info -


The Amazon Team

answered a year ago

I found that the problem was in the wordpress plugin, because the email "" remained in the database. I had to manually uninstall the plugin, clearing also the database, and reinstall it again.

answered a year ago

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