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Cross Region private link


I'd like to be able to configure private link across regions as a provider only supports it's product in a region they we don't have our workloads in. Currently this is not available ( Feb 2022 ). Is the current best practice to setup the private link in the same region as the provider then use VPC peering to connect back to my application in the "other region"?

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Basis for the pattern is from this whitepaper -

Deploy a dedicated VPC in vendor region in your account

Create a Private Link connection between Vendor account and your account

Create a cross region VPC peering connection between your VPCs

answered 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
  • Thanks for that reference and for confirming AJ.

  • will it work with Transit Gateway connection between regions instead of cross region VPC peering ?


Hey AWS-User-1585900 - typically if you are interacting with a 3rd party provider you want to use Private Link and not use something like a transit gateway. Connecting all of your own VPCs together across regions, transit gateway peering would be perfect.

answered 6 months ago

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