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ACM validation pending while created with cloudformation and route53


In cloudformation I create a hosted zone and try to add a certificate through the AWS certificate manager. When I create the certificate it keeps stuck on: 'Pending validation'. Both the hosted zone and the certificate are being created in cloudformation. When I try to do it the manual way it also keeps being stuck on 'Pending validation'.

The weirdest part is that the CNAME records are added to the DNS but ACM will/cannot validate the certificate afterwards.

This is what i create in cloudformation -> 'Route53HostedZone':

Type: AWS::Route53::HostedZone
    Comment: HostedZone created by cloudformation

and 'Certificate':

Type: AWS::CertificateManager::Certificate
    - DomainName:
      HostedZoneId: !Ref Route53HostedZone
  ValidationMethod: DNS

Does someone has any idea why the certificate keeps stuck at 'Pending validation'? P.S. we own the domain name and it is registered in Route53

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Ive had the same problem, for me registering the domain took some time, and it wasn't immediately clear that it was still being registered, and ACM does keep probing the domain every so often (I havent found any official documentation on how often).

I see you posted your question 5 hours ago, how long before that did you register the domain and the certificate?

In the end what fixed it for me was to just wait

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answered a month ago

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