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I am seeing an issue with Cloudwatch CPU utilization metrics for an EC2 instance. It raised an alarm for more CPU utilization but the graph show abnormal values of percentage on y axis. It is showing 138G max value for percent. Also the machine is working fine and we dont find any issue of max CPU utilization on machine. Is this a bug by AWS or misreporting?

  • You mean 138,000,000,000 value (138G), not 138%? Up to 200% is possible due to borrowing CPU from another virtual instance. And you're plotting the Average statistic for the metric?

  • it is 138G on y axis. Statistic= Maximum, Period= 1 minute. Why it start reporting value like this? isnt is suppose to show percentage?

  • if you have a screenshot, that would be great

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1 Answer

If these are CPU utilization, then most likely in Statistics, Sum has been selected meaning that:

All the values submitted for the matching metric are added together

Change it to Average, or Maximum to plot a more meaningful graph.

answered 2 years ago

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