Cloudformation Nested Stack UPDATE_ROLLBACK_FAILED


Hi, I'm having issue with the cdk stack where i have 1 function using nodejs 12x where is not available anymore hence the update of my stack failed, when I try to rollback from the Nested stack it says that the stack only can rollback in root stack, which i check at the root stack it doesn't have the Continue rollback option, hence I try to use AWS cli with **aws cloudformation continue-update-rollback ** to rollback by skipping the resource, however the logical i defined in the resources-to-skip doesn't skip that failed resource and my stack just stuck there. Would be appreciate if anyone can provide any help on this.

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When you have nested stacks that must be rolled back to a working state, see Using ResourcesToSkip to recover a nested stacks hierarchy: see



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answered 9 months ago
  • Hi Didier,

    The issue now is I couldn't trigger the ResourcesToSkip because it is a nested stack, and the root stack Continue to rollback option is grey out, i tried run the cli command but it seems like the resource is not being skip even though i have added the --resources-to-skip with the logical ID of that failed resource

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