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Can not you call SDKInit () in a background process?


I am going to upload UNet Server to Gamelift.

UnityEngine provides the ability to run programs in the background.However, after creating the fleet, the Aws Gamelift console The message "A process unrecognized by GameLift is attempting to make GameLift Server SDK API calls. Are you using a process launcher?" appears. Within five minutes of this, there will be an event message that the SDKInit () function has not been called.

Before I created the fleet, I noticed that the local test runs without any problems until the Server Health Check.

I'm not sure what to do with this problem. Please help me.

asked 5 years ago14 views
1 Answers

Hello there -

GameLift expects whichever process has been integrated with the GameLift Server SDK to be the same process that calls InitSDK() and ProcessReady(). In other words, whichever process you specify in your Fleet's Runtime Configuration (eg. C:\game\server.exe), that executable needs to be the one that is integrated with the GameLift Server SDK and communicates back to GameLift via the InitSDK() method, otherwise registration of your game server process will timeout and the error message you describe above will be shown.

Does this help?

answered 5 years ago

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