Whay am I being purchased in free tier? My AWS Academy 100$ credit is being consumed


As a proyect from my educative institution, I've received a 100$ credit in AWS Academy, and we're using AWS for launching EC2 instance, specifically EC2 t2.micro Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, which is applicable for free tier. However, during the weeks my 100$ credit has being consumed (I have launched 3 intances of the same type). I checked the Cost Explorer section and efectively i have been purchased for ec2 resources. I know that the free tier offers 750 hrs/month free. But even so with my 3 insctances running, I haven't aws all the days of the week, so I'm unconcerned with my bill. My currect bill is 16$ of the 100$ credit, and the all time i've been used AWS is one mont and half, but as I mentioned, I didn't used AWS all the days of the week and all hours of the day. So I would like to knwo why I am being purchased.

My cost explorer report

In addition to all that I mentioned, as soon as I lunched my first instance, my credit has been consumed too (1 o 2 dolar in a week)

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To my understanding the computer free tier of 750 hours per month would account for the usage of one EC2-Instance in always-on state. If you had three EC2-Instances in an always-on state then this would be over 2,000 compute hours per-month which you would pay the hours above the free tier level.

You also have EC2-Other charges which are mostly data transfer, EBS volumes and Snapshots and these are not normally free.

I recommend using the Instance scheduler, turning the instances off when not in use, or consider removing the other two EC2-Instances.

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  • Thank you David for your answer. Perhaps I read it, but didn't notice that the instance is in an always-on state, that makes much sense since the bill has increased with the second instance I launched, and much more with the third one. Thank you very much.


You can find out more details by going into the Billing Dashboard and selecting Bills from the panel on the left, then about halfway down you'll see the Charges By Service tab which lists all the chargeable items that you've run in the current billing period.

I guess you're going to have a non-zero amount against Elastic Compute Cloud, so you can expand that section and find out exactly what it is you're being billed for, and additionally this is sorted by region.

Does this shed more light on where the charges have come from?

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  • Effectively RWC, now it's all more clear and that explains why my EC2-Other charges are greater than EC2-intances charges, because of volume. I'll be more careful with this. Thank for your valuable information.

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