Cognito .net framework - federate azure ad


I am new to cognito, I can see there is a cognito sdk for .net framework application.

  1. if I use the sdk, does it mean I need to create my own signin UI, so I cannot get the benefit on the host-UI by cognito?
  2. using sdk, how can I federate azure ad in the code? do I also need to create a UI to display the whole flow and redirect user to the microsoft signin page?
  3. what are the steps to link with multiple Azure (tenants) organizations in the cognito?

Thanks Lei

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Hi Lei, I would recommend reviewing the Amazon Cognito and AWS SDK for .NET Developer Guides if you haven't already, as there are sections on multi-tenancy and examples that may help answer your questions. There is also an AWS Security blog post about setting up Amazon Cognito for federated authentication using Azure AD.

Additionally, if you can provide more details on the authentication flows/use-case(s) that you're looking to support, someone might be able to give a more detailed answer. Hope that helps!

answered 3 months ago

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