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Can AWS EFS listen on a port besides 2049? i.e. 111


To be clear I am not asking for source port, but destination port. As far as I could search on the net, it said EFS accepts any source port but for setup it is only 2049 for listening.

So if I have an application that needs rpcbind for 111, will AWS EFS not work then? It's used for back up.

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Hi There,

I understand that you would like to know if AWS EFS can listen on a port besides 2049? i.e. 111.

You can authorize inbound and outbound access to your EFS file system. To do so, you add rules that allow your EC2 instance to connect to your Amazon EFS file system through the mount target using the Network File System (NFS) port [1]

EFS is a managed service so you can not use custom ports to access EFS directly, EFS only listens on port 2049.

It is correct to assume that to support a broad set of NFS clients, Amazon EFS allows connections from any source port so it is advisable to implement EFS through NFS [2] .

I hope you find this information helpful.




answered 2 months ago

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