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Hi, I am new to AWS and have started using the free tier. Apart from some tutorials and learning, I have just set up a cron job using EventsBridge and make call to Lambda to write to DynamoDB. But I am getting charged for CloudWatch - i disabled all alarms in CloudWatch two days back but my bill still increased. Below is the line from the bill:

$0.10 per alarm metric month (standard resolution) - US East (Ohio) 1.962 Alarms $0.20

Please advise on how to investigate this further.

Regards, Dbeing

2 Answers

A few questions that hopefully will further your investigation:

  • How many alarm metrics did you have? The free tier comes with 10 (standard resolution) alarms per month. 100 active alarm metrics would burn through the free tier in about 3 days. If there were a lot of alarms set up, it could explain the charge. Especially if there are some alarms continuing to be created or removed dynamically.

  • Are you sure you removed the alarms / metrics themselves?

  • Did you remove the actions they may have been associated with as opposed to disabling the alarm metrics themselves.
  • The bill line seems to associate the charge with Ohio - are you sure the alarms were removed from that region?
  • There is a check box to toggle “hide auto scaling alarms”, is it possible that you disabled most of the alarms but missed some that were not included in a filter like that one?

Sorry if these seem like silly questions. Just trying to cover anything that might be helpful.

answered 5 months ago
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your comment. I had some alarm metric to monitor cost for services. But now I have removed all of them. Under "All Alarms" in Ohio region, I now see "No alarms" message. Here is screenshot of my AWS Cloudwatch :

    Please let me know if I am missing something.

    Regards, Dbeing


Thanks for your response. I just got a confirmation from Amazon that after removing the alarms, I do not have any active service that is currently incurring charges.

answered 5 months ago

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