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/Are total instance storage per region and Aurora Volume size separate?/

Are total instance storage per region and Aurora Volume size separate?


According to the AWS doc( Aurora's total instance storage per region is 100,000 GB(100TB).

And It is said that the aurora cluster is automatically scaled up to 128 TiB.

If I create 4 aurora clusters in RDS and one cluster is scaled up to 128 TiB, does an error occur when scaling up the other 3 clusters?

Or is it possible to scale up all 4 clusters to 128 TiB each?(Are total instance storage per region and Aurora Volume separate?)

2 Answers

The "Total storage for all DB instances is 100,000GB" according to the document, but this is a soft limit and can be requested upwards through the Service Quotas console. As you have noted, the Aurora cluster can go to a maximum size of 128TiB which is in excess of the 100,000GB per account, per region limit. The limits are per account and per supported region,but do not include snapshot backups. I recommend requesting a quota increase based on your Database requirements. (

answered a month ago

I'm sorry about the misinformation. "Total storage for all DB instances" is a RDS-instance-only limit that does not apply to Aurora clusters. We will correct that bit soon.

As long as you're running a recent version that supports 128 TiB, you can scale up all of your clusters to 128 TiB each, independently. No need to request a limit increase for this.

answered 24 days ago

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