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Unable to use neural text to speech


I am trying to follow the documentation to try the neural newscaster style. The docs say that

  1. Open the Amazon Polly console at
  2. On the Text-to-Speech page, for Engine, choose Neural.

But as the screenshot I have attached shows there is no place to select "Engine". Any thoughts?

==== Update ======

Figured out the problem I was using us-east-2 instead of us-east-1. When I specify the us-east-1 console then I can see the expected frontend

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asked 3 years ago17 views
3 Answers

Change region to us-east-1

answered 3 years ago

Is it possible to use neural feature with PowerShell cli? Can find an op

answered 3 years ago

Hi powerpaul,
It is possible to use Neural feature through PowerShell CLI.
Just specify Engine=neural parameter in Get-POLSpeech command

Documentation reference:


answered 3 years ago

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