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Lambda python error


Hi, I am trying to invoke lambda with code like response=connect_client.start_task_contact( instanceid =instance id, contactflowid=contact Flowid, Attributes={ "Customer Name ": fullname, "Customer email ": contactemail }

But when we add the below line ScheduledTime=datetime(2015,1,1) as mentioned in boto3 documentation there is an error appears

[Error]ParamaterValidationError: Parameter Validation Failed:

" Unknow Parameter in input : "Scheduled time ", must be one of instanceid,PreviousContactID,ContactFlowId, Attributes.

Doc link below. Please suggest how to resolve the error

Regards Jo

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Accepted Answer

Boto3 is a rapidly changing library. It's highly possible that the boto3 library packaged with Lambda is not the latest version or a version which contains the support that you need.

We strongly recommend that you package your requirements so that the library support required is available to your function.

answered 3 months ago

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