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/AppSync RDS HTTP 500 Errors/

AppSync RDS HTTP 500 Errors


This morning we started getting intermittent "500 Internal Server Error" responses from appsync with message "RDSHttp:{}".

We do not seem to get the error on any standard query, but including 1 sub resolver we get the errors 50% of the time, 2 sub resolvers 90 %, and 3 sub resolvers 100% of the time. Using queries that return basically no data is the same issue. This is not query specific, any query that uses a sub resolver schema wide currently has this issue.

Is some major issue going on currently? This has brought our stack to its knees. Issuing the exact same queries directly to the data api out of AppSync runs without issue.


Using CloudTrail we see the following:

"eventVersion": "1.05",
"userIdentity": {
"type": "AssumedRole",
"principalId": "xxxxx",
"arn": "xxxxxx",
"accountId": "xxxxx",
"accessKeyId": "xxxxx",
"sessionContext": {
"sessionIssuer": {
"type": "Role",
"principalId": "xxxxxx",
"arn": "xxxxxx",
"accountId": "xxxxxxx",
"userName": "xxxxxx"
"webIdFederationData": {},
"attributes": {
"mfaAuthenticated": "false",
"creationDate": "2020-11-18T14:02:44Z"
"invokedBy": ""
"eventTime": "2020-11-18T14:02:44Z",
"eventSource": "",
"eventName": "ExecuteStatement",
"awsRegion": "us-east-2",
"sourceIPAddress": "",
"userAgent": "",
"errorCode": "InternalServerErrorException",
"requestParameters": {
"continueAfterTimeout": false,
"database": "**",
"includeResultMetadata": true,
"parameters": [],
"resourceArn": "xxxxxx",
"schema": "**",
"secretArn": "xxxxxx",
"sql": "**"
"responseElements": null,
"requestID": "9d4266dc-06b3-4eec-940c-540cdaf1cca4",
"eventID": "fe8ad37a-db83-4e6d-8793-53f08d29e61f",
"eventType": "AwsApiCall",
"recipientAccountId": "xxxxxx"

1 Answers

I have been told via a support case that the problem is related to a recent internal code update and AWS is working on reverting it. Will mark this as answered for now, but all I can say is UGH!

answered 2 years ago

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