Unable to use Glue job


Unable to run Glue with the following message

"JobName:jobname and JobRunId:jobrunid failed to execute with exception Task allocated capacity exceeded limit. (Service: AWSGlueJobExecutor; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidInputException; Request ID: requestid; Proxy: null)"

In this situation:

1.It was usable until recently, but it became unusable after a certain process was executed.

2.That process is likely to take an enormous amount of time.

3.But, this job was stopped automatically. (Run status : stopped)

4.I thought that this process is runnning in background, and I checked with cli command "aws glue get-job-run --job-name". But this process is Stoppped and All tasks status after that is Failed.

5.Just to be sure, I tried to stop this process with "aws glue batch-stop-job-run --job-name" and I got the message "ErrorMessage": "Job Run cannot be stopped in current state."

6.This problem has continued even after a day.

I wanna resolve this problem.

Please help me!

*Forgive me if my native language is not English and my grammar may be inproper.

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1 Answer

I resolved this probelm by myself!

It causes that "Max task dpus per account" in Quotas was changed to 0 (default:1000) for some reason.

I revised it and Glue is to be able.

answered 2 years ago

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