How to preinstall greengrass-cli using Yocto?


We want to preinstall the greengrass-cli onto our devices to query deployment state. Is there an official guide on how to pre-install greengrass-v2 components? This is particurarly interesting for our custom device images that are built using Yocto.

We are looking for a way to query the status of an initial greengrass deployment from a captive portal (i.e. from outside of greengrass).

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Plugin components, such the Greengrass CLI, must be installed from the cloud. This means your device needs network access when you perform your CLI installation. For install options, see

answered 2 years ago

Thanks dghz! It is helpful to know that there is no offline installation method for the greengrass-cli.

However, may I file a feature request in that case? We really need a way to monitor the greengrass nucleus status from another service. I do not know how on earth this is not considered a common use case... In our case: First, the user must establish a network connection, then they have to follow the provision by trusted user step, and finally they have to wait for the greengrass deployment to finish.

How to accomplish the last step? I mean we could install the greengrass-cli to monitor the nucleus state, but it seems cumbersome to wait for the binary to be installed from the cloud first. Offline installation would be much appreciated here. Otherwise, it seems pretty annoying to develop captive portals for devices running Greengrass v2 at the moment.

answered 2 years ago

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