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Hi all - We have a requirement where we need to send QuickSight Analysis or Dashboard via email ( business users). The business users are NOT part of QuickSight Group or access to QuickSight. All they need to have the statistics, graph and get the details via email. Is this possible in QuickSight.

Please advise. Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi, @Sanjeeb.

I understand that you would like to distribute QuickSight statistics and graphs via email reports to non-QuickSight users.

First, QuickSight has an email reporting feature.
However, you must use QuickSight Enterprise Edition, and the user must have access to his QuickSight to use this feature.

So you should consider another method.

If your mail system supports workflow, you will be able to forward reports received by QuickSight users.
For example, emails received by Office 365 could be forwarded to another email address by his PowerAutomation.
Alternatively, I think you can handle his email received by Amazon SES with Lambda and deliver it with Amazon SES or Pinpoint.

As a completely different approach, QuickSight dashboards and analytics can be embedded into external websites.
There may also be a way to create your own mechanism to convert the contents rendered by the headless browser into PDF with a web application and send it by e-mail.

In any case, you can't do it with QuickSight's standard features, so you'll have to come up with a custom solution.

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  • Thanks iwasa.. The details are useful and let me explore these options.

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