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Hi Guys,

I would like to start a standalone worker-node (with launch config, and ASG works correctly)
but when I make a copy (a launch template) from my launch config (with all the parameters that works with ASG) and start an instance manually , the node never join to the cluster.

I also ssh into this node and fire the bootstrap.sh with manually from the root console, but also nothing happen.

where can I see log or something, I would like to figure out why I am not able to start a single worker by my hand :)

Do you have any idea what is going on? what should I check?


ps: My Target is to run a single node connected to my cluster with specific label and fix private IP in a subnet. So I can run my app as a daemonset (it is an IoT data collector / UDP, and I need the device IP from the network - so I cannot use NLB/UDP because every packet would come from the NLB's IP and that is not good for me ;( )

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I can answer my question!
The problem was the cluster tags on the ec2 instance

solution is to use this:
- Key: kubernetes.io/cluster/${ClusterName}
Value: owned

it comes from the CF template:


answered 5 years ago

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