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AWS Transit Gateway Routing Features


I have a customer who is using Transit Gateway in a central network account for VPC to VPC connectivity with other accounts and with their on premise network. They have the following questions about Transit Gateway.

  1. Will Transit Gateway support route filters?
  2. Are there any recommendations when they need more than 100 routes propagated on a DX connection? We have already discussed summarizing routes, but this is a large client and they will likely need more than the 100.
  3. Is there an option for BGP on a Transit Gateway VPC attachment. The reason for this is they are running Cloud ASAs in a VPC and want to propagate the routes between the ASAs and the Transit Gateway.
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Accepted Answer
  1. Customers chose what to advertise to us over BGP. We take all the routes they give. Note that there is a limit of 100 routes they can send.
  2. They'll need to summarize. They can have multiple VPN attachments to the TGW and have more routes in that way (the TGW route table supports up to 10,000 routes). This would give then 100 routes per VPN attachment.
  3. No. They'll need to use VPN attachment if they want BGP.
answered 3 years ago

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