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Recreate a default VPC within my Classic Platform


I inadvertently deleted the default VPC that was associated with my account. I tried to recreate it but the option is greyed out within the console and the "aws ec2 create-default-vpc" reports I'm not allowed to do that.

I want to use the "AWSSupport-MigrateEC2ClassicToVPC Automation" process as I'm not a systems person and I simply want to migrate before Aug 15. Could you provide me details on recreated the default VPC in order for the "automation" process listed about could go smoothly?

asked 2 months ago70 views
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Looking at I'd say you don't need a default VPC. If you create another VPC with subnets, you can pass a subnet ID in the "DestinationSubnetId" parameter of AWSSupport-MigrateEC2ClassicToVPC.

answered 2 months ago

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