how to enable delta lake in EMR serverless.


The application is working in EMR cluster , but failing in EMR serverless though the base image is emr 6.15.0

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Hello Muthukumar,

--packages not required if you are using EMR 6.9.0 onwards as the delta lake jar will be shipped to EMR image by default. In older versions, you have to import the compatible OSS Deltalake dependencies to make the session worked as expected as in your the dependent version might not be compatible. Certainly, I tried the latest version in EMR-S with below steps tested for your reference, working fine.

1. Configure your Spark session.

Configure the Spark Session. Set up Spark SQL extensions to use Delta lake.

%%configure -f
    "conf": {
        "spark.sql.extensions" : "",
        "spark.sql.catalog.spark_catalog": "",
        "spark.jars": "/usr/share/aws/delta/lib/delta-core.jar,/usr/share/aws/delta/lib/delta-storage.jar,/usr/share/aws/delta/lib/delta-storage-s3-dynamodb.jar",
        "spark.hadoop.hive.metastore.client.factory.class": "com.amazonaws.glue.catalog.metastore.AWSGlueDataCatalogHiveClientFactory"

2. Create a Delta lake Table

We will create a Spark Dataframe with sample data and write this into a Delta lake table.

tableName = "delta_table"
basePath = "s3://<Your S3 bucket>/test/delta/" + tableName
data = spark.createDataFrame([
 ("100", "2015-01-01", "2015-01-01T13:51:39.340396Z"),
 ("101", "2015-01-01", "2015-01-01T12:14:58.597216Z"),
 ("102", "2015-01-01", "2015-01-01T13:51:40.417052Z"),
 ("103", "2015-01-01", "2015-01-01T13:51:40.519832Z")
],["id", "creation_date", "last_update_time"])

data.write.format("delta"). \

3. Query the table

We will read the table using into a Spark dataframe

df ="delta").load(basePath)

| id|creation_date|    last_update_time|
|102|   2015-01-01|2015-01-01T13:51:...|
|103|   2015-01-01|2015-01-01T13:51:...|
|101|   2015-01-01|2015-01-01T12:14:...|
|100|   2015-01-01|2015-01-01T13:51:...|
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  • Hi yokesh,

    I tried on EMR-S 7.0.0 and got following error:

    Files file:/usr/share/aws/delta/lib/delta-core.jar from /usr/share/aws/delta/lib/delta-core.jar to /home/hadoop/delta-core.jar
    Exception in thread "main" java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: /usr/share/aws/delta/lib/delta-core.jar

    Can you please advise once?



I understand that your question is regarding to enabled Deltalake format in EMR-Serverless which is not working for some reason. Please correct if my understanding is incorrect.

Given that, you can follow this document to test DeltaLake in EMR-Serverless - and let me know if any queries.

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Hi Yokesh,

I tried the above still I am still not able to invoke the spark session with delta enabled. Below are my configurations

--conf spark.jars=s3://<bucket name>/jars/delta-core_2.12-2.4.0.jar,s3://<bucket name>/jars/delta-storage-2.4.0.jar --conf spark.submit.pyFiles=s3://<bucket name>/scripts/ --conf --conf spark.archives=s3://<bucket name>/archives/pyspark_3.11.7.tar.gz#environment --conf spark.emr-serverless.driverEnv.PYSPARK_DRIVER_PYTHON=./environment/bin/python --conf spark.emr-serverless.driverEnv.PYSPARK_PYTHON=./environment/bin/python --conf spark.executorEnv.PYSPARK_PYTHON=./environment/bin/python

if I use --conf , i am getting below error.

23/12/30 01:15:51 WARN SparkSession: Cannot use to configure session extensions. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/spark/sql/catalyst/analysis/UnresolvedLeafNode

answered 2 months ago

Hi Yogesh, Thank you so much. it worked

answered 2 months ago

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