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how can we assign vpcid while creating a ecs service under ecs cluster through .net aws sdk?


Hi Team,

I have created a ECS TaskDefinition then I am creating a ecs cluster. Inside cluster I want to create a service through .net awssdk classes. But I am not able to set vpcid under NetworkConfiguration or AwsVpcConfiguration class. Our code is automatically assigning very first vpcid while creating ecs service. Can you please suggest how can I assign/set vpcid which we require instead of selecting first entry from vpc list? Due to this issue my websites are not launching on containers as containers/service doesn't have correct vpcid assigned. Thanks

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You can specify a list of subnet IDs from your VPC in the Amazon.ECS.Model.AwsVpcConfiguration object as shown in the AWS SDK doc.

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answered 13 days ago

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