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How to Suspend and Resume a Thread created using Iot_CreateDetachedThread?


Namaste Forum Member,

My development environment comprises of ESP32 DevKitC and Amazon FreeRTOS.

For Thread creation, I'm using the Iot_CreateDetachedThread function offered by the AWS IoT Device SDK C, which has the below syntax

bool Iot_CreateDetachedThread( IotThreadRoutine_t threadRoutine,
                               void * pArgument,
                               int32_t priority,
                               size_t stackSize )

Questions relating to the Thread created are:

  1. How to get the Thread Handle of this Thread for using with FreeRTOS API?

  2. How to Suspend and Resume this Thread, similar to the FreeRTOS APIs vTaskSuspend() and vTaskResume()?

Reference Links:

  1. AWS IoT Device SDK C -
  2. Iot_CreateDetachedThread -

Thanks | Regards,

asked 2 years ago13 views
1 Answer

Namaste Forum Member,

Please refer the below the FreeRTOS forum link for this same query posted and, the discussions carried out.

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answered 2 years ago

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