Is it possible to use other FPGA parts?


Hi there,

I was having a play with the AMI just now, and I was thinking to see if I could build something for the older Artix 7 series parts (xc7a100tcsg324-3).

But I'm getting the impression that only the UltraScale series parts are available.

I thought I'd try and run Vivado and go to "Help >> Add Design Tools or Devices...", but this got me an error of:

Cannot run program "/opt/Xilinx/.xinstall/Vivado_2020.2/xsetup": error=2, No such file or directory

(and indeed, there is no "/opt/Xilinx/.xinstall/" folder in the instance, I guess it was deleted?)

Anyways, just wondered if you had any ideas. At a guess, perhaps making use of this AMI was tailored specifically for the F1/UltraScale hardware, and perhaps if I need other devices, I'd need to prepare my own AMI with those other series-7 parts installed too?

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The FPGA Developer AMI is targeted for F1 Development and would not provide licenses or devices other than ones used on the F1 platform.
If you plan on developing for any other platforms/parts, you would have to create your own AMI. A sample recipe for creating your own AMI can be found here: You would have to modify the install config file to target the devices you want to use.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any other questions around this!


answered 3 years ago

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