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Curious to know is dual inputs to Media Live are billing 2X based on the following pricing sheet.


Work flow is primary and back up RTMP inputs with Media Live configured to fail to the secondary in the event of the primary failure.

Appreciate the support. AWS Rocks !


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Dear Amazon,

I have used the service provided by amazon only for training purposes and by mistake I used some of the expensive services. As I am a student I am not able to pay (please consider my limited budget) and it is not a problem for me if my account becomes suspended. If by suspending my account I will not need to pay for the services, please suspend my account immediately.

Thank you in advance for your understanding

kind regards, Zahra Abedini (zabedini164@gmail.com)

answered 10 months ago

Hi Zahra, You should contact to Amazon support services. You can phone them or email them. I personally approached them via phone. You can close your account yourself.

Hope it helps.

answered 9 months ago

Hi In my understanding, Amazon is charging for your running channels, inputs and outputs as well. They are charging for audio inputs as well, means any usage of the medialive services, it will be charging you. The link you have mentioned, gives a detailed information about it's usage. Hope it helps.

answered 9 months ago

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