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I am trying to invite an account created to an organisation unit I just created using AWS Organisations.

This exercise is based on the Tutorial: Creating and configuring an organization

The organisation structure is:


<sandbox> (organisation unit)

<management> (organisation unit)

kiwi (account)

The management account used to create kiwi and send invite resides in the management OU.

I clicked the button 'Add AWS account' and 'select invite an existing AWS account'. I am able to received the invitation email. After clicking the Accept Invitation link on the email, I login using kiwi account. And I was directed to the AWS Organisations->invitation page.

When I clicked on the button 'Accept Invitation' I received the error "AWS account is already a member of an organisation'. AWS Accept Invitation failed

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1 Answer

The account you're trying to invite to the organization is already a part of another organization. It must leave that organization before it can join the new organization. Invitation only works for standalone accounts. If that is the only account in the organization, delete the organization and then start the invitation process.

answered 5 months ago
  • Even though kiwi is not part of any of the OU, but it is part of the root organisation.

    found an article about creating a standalone account.

    Also trying to get kiwi to leave OU but needs to complete the account setup first including filling CC and phone number. I only have 2 personal email accounts I can use for this tutorial.

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