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Here is the situation:

  1. Lets say my organization use 10 VM EC2 instances
  2. Can I transfer the ownership of 5 VM EC2 instances into a different organization or personal account? I am trying to avoid migration, because these 5 instance are production instance.


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Short answer: No.

While you can transfer a whole account to a different organization you can't transfer EC2 instances between accounts. In this case, you can't transfer part of an account - only the whole account so you will need to look at some type of migration process. You might consider the Application Migration Service.

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answered a year ago
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To expand on Brettski-AWS answer.

As Brettski-AWS mentioned you can only migrate whole accounts between AWS Organisations or update/transfer ownership to another individual or organisation, which moves all resources in the accounts.

By transfer ownership I assume you mean move them to a separate AWS account. There are a few ways to achieve this:

In all cases this will allow you to move the data and re-provision the compute instance, but will require changes to networking, e.g. Security Groups, Elastic IP's and Elastic Load Balancers. Also note that Tags should be captured and verified / re-applied as well.

If you do complete progress with this look at using CloudFormation ( to provision the new instances so they can be managed as code going forward, which will make future migrations / updates easier.

answered a year ago

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