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/Can't access site on ec2 instance via public IPV4 address (Using Amazon Linux)/

Can't access site on ec2 instance via public IPV4 address (Using Amazon Linux)


Hi All, I'm not able to figure out what steps needs to be done in order to access the webbrowser through IPV4 address. Showing this site can't be reached please help me , I'm new to AWS.

what I have done:-

  1. I have set the inbound rules HTTP (80) and SSH(22)

Thanks in advance!!!

2 Answers

There are multiple things that will need to be checked, please refer to this in depth troubleshooting guide.

To summarize, check the following:

  • Check that the instance is running and passing both health checks
  • Check that the instance OS is booting correctly and the webserver is running
  • Check both Network ACL and Security Group rules
  • Check the instance has the correct DNS configuration
answered a month ago

Hi, @Vaibhav Verma

In addition to Nick's confirmation points

  • Is EC2 given a public IP address?
  • Is an internet gateway attached to your VPC?
  • Is the route to the Internet gateway set at in the route table of the subnet where EC2 is deployed?
answered a month ago

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