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Amplify Console - Deployed app not reflecting most recent build artifact


After successful build and deploy on the branch designated as production, the updates are not visible in browser. Does not matter if I clear cache, incognito, or use a different browser.

Downloading the build artifact and serving locally, I can see the most recent changes there, so it is pulling latest, it's just not updating in the deploy... it's an Angular app and I can see in the deploy logs it's skipping deployment for the main js file. Are there settings to specifically invalidate cache or force deploy all files?

Also, adding a new deploy branch (duplicate of prod branch), goes through build process, but the end result is an empty page.


asked 3 years ago211 views
3 Answers

Hi uievan,

This may be related to an issue with our deployment system that we've since fixed. Can you take another look at your app? Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue or if it has been resolved.

Thank you,

answered 3 years ago

Seems it was the issue you were referring to, started working again.

answered 3 years ago

@DanG_AWS, the issue remains. My app arn:aws:amplify:eu-west-2:579766394847:apps/d2ke7lrdbfu802 always show the very first deployment on the generated URL, all later deployments were ignored.

answered 2 months ago

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