My AWS Instance suddenly became completely unresponsive


Hello All,

I was in the middle of performing some actions on my server (Ubuntu 20.04 - had run bundler install for a rails app). In the middle of querying the gem server, it hung and then since then I cannot connect to the server. The status checks all say things are good, the monitoring shows the server went to 100%.

After about 10 minutes I shut down the server via the console and then restarted. I still cannot access it (via ssh using the public IP address). In addition, I tried access via ssh using the private IP address from another AWS instance (in the same availability zone). No matter what I try I cannot gain access to the machine again. I have restarted (stopped and started) twice and it hasn't helped. The monitoring shows that the cpu usage is normal now after restarting and the network monitoring also shows something going in and out despite the fact that I cannot connect.

Can some one help with this? The instance id is: i-05afe6ed27ef2eb98

Scott Little

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1 Answer

Doh, after the start and restart I had forgotten to change the dns record to point to the new IP address. I am not sure why my test pointing to the private ip didn't work though, I guess that those are more private than I thought - not accessible from aws machines in the same zone.

Anyway, never mind and sorry for the noise.

answered 2 years ago

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