Possible deprecation of Cost and Usage Report Service - please help!


We've heard from a client that the Cost and Usage Report Service is being deprecated - I am trying to ascertain whether this is true or not. Based on the API documentation there is nothing to make me believe that this is being deprecated. Is there anyone that can assist?


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There is no information that cost and usage reporting will be deprecated.
Perhaps you are confusing this with the deprecation of IAM actions described in the following document?

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answered 8 months ago

Thanks Riku

If anyone else sees this and has other evidence, please comment. Thanks!

answered 8 months ago

I did notice a message on CUR section on AWS Mgmt Console:

"The Cost and Usage Reports legacy page will be deprecated on June 1, 2024
Data exports is the new experience to export your cost and usage reports and more. As a result, the Cost and Usage Reports legacy page is pending deprecation. You’ll continue to have access to Cost and Usage Reports, the customer carbon footprint tool, and the AWS usage report from data exports."

More details on "Migrating from CUR to Data Exports CUR 2.0 - https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cur/latest/userguide/dataexports-migrate.html "

answered 22 days ago

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