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Could you please add Scandinavian language support to AWS Textract service. Currently the service works quite nicely except for the specific characters å, æ, ø

  • Ää and Öö is working well since Textract recognises German. Swedish is a language which is quite similar to German and adds only ONE character, namely Åå. So, by adding support for ONE single character you would support both Swedish and Finnish.

    To support Norwegian and Danish you need also æ, ø.

    Please consider this very small addition which would make usage of Texteract a possibility for the Nordic community too. Especially since you have a Nordic region now it makes no sence not to support it.

  • Experiensing this issue with "å" in Swedish. Also this character its replaced with at least five different characters (a, ä, à, â, ã) which makes it harder to handle.

    månads --> manads

    ovanstående --> ovanstäende

    två --> tvà

    båda --> bâda

    såsom --> sãsom

    Best if character would be supported and second best if Textextract would replace with only to "a".

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Hello, thank you for using Textract. We have passed your request to concerned department and will let you know once it's prioritized. Thank you

answered 3 years ago

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