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Is it possible to re-link the AWS account and retain the original re:Post profile?

I have oAuth'ed against a root account, and for security purposes, I created a brand new IAM user without any permissions, except for the ones needed to auth. But when I login user that user, re:Post auth service thinks I am a new user.

How does it detect the user? I thought it was AWS Account ID, since that is what the sign in screen says "Login with your AWS Account". But it seems to use something else. How do I login with the same AWS Account ID, just using an IAM user instead of the root user login?


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re:Post User is linked to the IAM credentials.
Therefore, the root account and each IAM user are recognised as different users on re:Post, even if they are under the same AWS account.

I have encountered similar problems before and eventually contacted AWS Support to resolve them.
In this case, I assume that the re:Post profile created by the root account credentials will be associated to a new re:Post user internaly by AWS support.

Please also refer to this previous answer.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks!

    eventually contacted AWS Support

    Did you use the paid AWS support to request this change on re:Post?

  • Yes, in my case, by using paid support plan.

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