Move files from S3 to FSx for Windows


A customer has files on S3 (provided by Transfer Family) and they need to copy/move files uploaded to S3 to their FSx for Windows. This could be done with a dedicated machine to do this job. However, I wonder whether it is possible to solve this without the need to manage a dedicated EC2 instance.

My best guess so far is to use DataSync. I know that I can't use the combination "Location S3, destination FSx". However, the combination "Location S3, destination SMB" is possible.

  1. Is it possible to use DataSync for the combination "Location S3, destination SMB (and this is actually FSx)"?

  2. Are there any pitfalls to solve the customer's problem in this way?

  3. Do you see a better solution to move files from S3 to FSx?

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Accepted Answer
  1. Yes, this is perfectly valid and something we have customers doing today
  2. The main issue is making sure that your FSx system is properly provisioned for throughput. If it is a lot of files (i.e. 10s of TB or more or millions of files), recommend using SSD with high provisioned throughput. If it's a smaller amount of data on a recurring basis, then this is less important.
answered 2 years ago

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