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/whitelist international ip address, but unable to access rds MYSQL/

whitelist international ip address, but unable to access rds MYSQL


i'm trying to add several IP addresses from other countries, to sercuity group in RDS MYSQL database. Why would these not work? Is there a setting that restricts to host country, as i'm able to access here.

  • It's possible that the port is blocked by some part of the connection between the other countries and the AWS region. Have you looked at where the RST is being sent from?

1 Answers

Is you RDS instance in a public subnet and Public access option set to Yes? If you select No, Amazon RDS will not assign a public IP address to the DB instance, and no EC2 instance or devices outside of the VPC will be able to connect.

Can you run


to your RDS instance's domain name?

answered a month ago

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