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Subnets associated with a route table show as not associated with any RT


I have 2 subnets (1 public, 1 private) and three route tables: 1. Private RT, 2. Public RT, 3. Main RT.

On the VPC dashboard, when I click Route Tables in the left-column navigation, then select any route table, I see the subnet it's associated with. (The main route table is not associated with any subnet as it is just there as a catch-all default route table.) Immediately beneath seeing what the subnet associated with the route table I see a message, "The following subnets have not been explicitly associated with any route tables and are therefore associated with the main route table." However, the subnet(s) listed there ARE definitely explicitly associated with a route table so what why am I seeing that message?

asked 4 years ago32 views
1 Answer

A subnet is ALWAYS going to be associated with a route table.
If you don't explicitly it, it will use whatever RT is set as the Main (=Yes) for the respective VPC..but if you don't explicitly set it via subnets.route tables..edit subnet association, and choose the RT, that's what you see.

answered 4 years ago

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