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Setup DNS with SSL on CodeArtifact repo


Hi, I have pointed a CNAME to my CodeArtifact repo and it seems to be working but I am not sure how to make the SSL work properly. I have a wildcard certificate from ACM installed to the domain but when I checked, the certificate in CodeArtifact repo doesn't match my domain. I don't see any documentation about setting up DNS+SSL on CodeArtifact repo so any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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With your CNAME, DNS will answer with CodeArtifact IP addresses. However when a client negotiate TLS he will get a certificate from CodeArtifact server which does not contain your domain, thus TLS verification will fail.

As for now there is no way to modify CodeArtifact certificate to include your domain or setup a custom domain name.

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answered 12 days ago

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