DataPipelineDefaultResourceRole not appearing in EC2 Instance Role dropdown


I'm trying to create a data pipeline to export Dynamodb data to S3, but after following the online guide to the letter, the DataPipelineDefaultResourceRole isn't in the dropdown referred to above, the DataPipelineDefaultRole is auto-populated. Can someone tell me what's wrong?

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This issue can occur if the Instance Profile is not attached to your DataPipelineDefaultResourceRole as the dropdown list includes instance profiles. Please check this link for more details

If your DataPipelineDefaultResourceRole is already attached to the instance profile and you still see the issue, please open a support ticket with our datapipeline team and we will assist you.

answered 2 years ago
  • Thanks for your response, the DataPipelineDefaultResourceRole is now attached, however the data pipeline still isn't completing, I'm getting 'An EC2 ClientInternalError has occurred' - Should I raise a ticket for this or can you offer any advice as to what could cause this? If I need to raise a ticket how exactly do I do this as I'm new to the company I'm working for and AWS so have not raised a ticket before?

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