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/when is invoice emailed for an account/

when is invoice emailed for an account


I recently asked when are storage charges made to a credit card. I received an answer, but a follow up question of when is an invoice for the bill emailed was not answered. Since the bill is finalized on the first of the month, I assume the invoice is emailed soon after, but would appreciate a definitive answer. Thanks.

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I get emails like this:

Subject: Amazon Web Services Billing Statement Available

Sender: Amazon Web Services

Date: Tue, May 3, 3:45 AM

answered a month ago
  • My timezone is UTC+2

  • This example has a date of the third of the month. Is this true every month?

  • Of the 29 bills I have received: 26x the third of the month 1x the fourth of the month 2x the second of the month

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