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No space left on device when deploy ECS Fargate Service with CDK


I try to deploy my node application with ecs fargate service using cdk and after I added some packages in my application, get this error during the build process (yarn install) of my dockerfile:

 error An unexpected error occurred: "ENOSPC: no space left on device, copyfile.....

Do you have some idea?

PS. in CDK I use: ApplicationLoadBalancedFargateService

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Accepted Answer

It sounds like you are building your app as a Docker image. If so, the CDK is using Docker on your local machine to build the image. The Docker sub-system on your local machine may have run out of space. You can cleanup your local Docker system with prune commands. Try:

docker system prune --all

This will remove all unused Docker objects (containers, images, networks, volumes, etc...)

Here is some more information on the topic:

answered 10 months ago

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