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How to delete glue interactive session from the list of sessions?


I have a session that I am using now for development, but I created some test sessions when I started using glue interactive sessions. I can see them when I list sessions with: %list_sessions.

How do I delete them?

I also have one with a name that I want to reuse, but when I try and create a session with that name, I get an error. I want to delete it to reuse it.

botocore.errorfactory.AlreadyExistsException: An error occurred (AlreadyExistsException) when calling the CreateSession operation: Session already created, sessionId=<name I want to use.>
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1 Answer

Hi , currently you can delete a specific session id using the CLI or APIs:

aws glue delete-session --id <sessioID>

as described in the documentation to get interactive session work you need to copy (only for the preview) the service json into the botocore folder.

AWS CLI works as well with botocore, so you would need to copy/install the AWS CLI inside the Virtual env you are using and then copy the service json inside the botocore library in the AWS CLI path.

Alternatively you could update the botocore service json for Glue in the native AWS CLI path (with the risk to have that updated with a preview content.)

please consider that interactive session is still in preview.

hope this helps,

answered 8 months ago
  • What version CLI? I tried with aws-cli/2.4.19. Not sure if I need to install via a different none v2 Github branch.


  • @jb-po please see my updated answer

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