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/How to convert my VPC from single AZ setting to Multiple AZs/

How to convert my VPC from single AZ setting to Multiple AZs


Mistakenly, I created VPC with selecting the single AZ, this configuration has no redundancy for networking and running instances as I know. Now I have services running in VPC.

Can I convert it to multiple AZs in current region without other configurations affected?

1 Answers
  • In order to add an AZ(s) to a VPC, you would create new subnet(s) from existing space in your VPC's CIDR block, choosing the desired AZ in the process
  • If your VPC has run out of address space, you would need to either delete some subnets, or add secondary CIDR block to your VPC. We have a guide on adding a CIDR block here:
  • This process does not involve any downtime.
  • As for your existing workload running in single AZ you have some options listed in the below article

answered a month ago

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