What is SageMaker Autopilot doing when in state "InProgress - AnalyzingData" ?



I'm trying this nice SageMaker Autopilot demo https://github.com/awslabs/amazon-sagemaker-examples/blob/master/autopilot/autopilot_customer_churn_high_level_with_evaluation.ipynb

At the beginning of the job, the status is "InProgress - AnalyzingData" for several minutes. This is long enough that I'd like to know more about it: what is Autopilot doing when at that status?

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There are some metrics begin collected in this stage. To understanding what is doing is the same as what happens when you're using tensorflow autoML. There's a deep explanation what is does in our Science page https://www.amazon.science/publications/amazon-sagemaker-autopilot-a-white-box-automl-solution-at-scale

answered 2 years ago

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