HTTP/HTTPS not working after using ELB


I started using ELB (Network) but now the webpage of the server is no longer working. I added port 443 and 80 as listeners and even bought an SSL for the 443 TLS port but still nothing. The server's SSl cert is from lets encrypt. If I type the IP address of the server in the URL, it works but with the network load balancer, it does.t What can I do?

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Please check at I would suggest you to choose Application Load Balancer instead of Network Load Balancer, Network load balancer is ideal for transport layer (layer 4) TCP listeners.

Unlike a Classic Load Balancer or an Application Load Balancer, a Network Load Balancer can't have application layer (layer 7) HTTP or HTTPS listeners. It only supports transport layer (layer 4) TCP listeners. HTTP and HTTPS traffic can be routed to your environment over TCP. To establish secure HTTPS connections between web clients and your environment, install a self-signed certificate on the environment's instances, and configure the instances to listen on the appropriate port (typically 443) and terminate HTTPS connections. The configuration varies per platform. See Configuring your application to terminate HTTPS connections at the instance for instructions. Then configure your Network Load Balancer to add a listener that maps to a process listening on the appropriate port.
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answered 2 years ago
  • I need to use NLB for my usecase. I tried removing the TLS listener for port 443 and added a regular TCP listener for both port 80 and 443 but it still doesn't work.


Yes, Application load balancers is recommended for Layer 7 (HTTP) end points.

Network load balancers is more for (Layer 4) protocols which forward TCP & UDP traffic to your instances.

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